Our Spirit

Who We Are

Together, we have created a unique culture that values ​​the contribution of each individual. Our four core values ​​are the principles that guide what we do and how we do it. Learn more about The Kindred Spirit in this short video.

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Our Values

We STRIVE For Better

We STRIVE For Better

* Embrace change and see it as an opportunity.

* Challenge the status quo and seek continuous progress.

* Debate ideas openly, and action decisions with pace.

* Act now and improve along the way.

* Push yourself and seek feedback to grow.

We Have Passion to WIN

We Have Passion to WIN

* Take pride in what you do, and celebrate team success.

* Understand our goals and your contribution to them.

* Always ask, “Is this a great customer experience?”.

* Commit to the regulations we work within, to sustain trust in Kindred.

* Never let the competition out of sight.

We Are TOGETHER As Kindred

We Are TOGETHER As Kindred

* Show interest in all of Kindred and actively break down silos.

* Be a team player and adopt a ”how can I contribute?” attitude.

* Encourage and value different thoughts and opinions.

* Inspire by sharing your expertise and experience.

* Always act as a Kindred ambassador.

We CHAMPION Accountability

We CHAMPION Accountability

* Act in Kindred’s best interest. Always.

* Own delivering results, and trust and support others to do so.

* Share progress and ask for help if you need it.

* Involve relevant teams and respect their expertise.

* Engage in difficult situations with courage, candour and care.

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

We strive to be recognised as one of the world’s highest-ranked companies for employee engagement, with a 50:50 gender split in our senior management team. While we recognise that we are not there yet, we have clear steps to get there. We promise to do our best to ensure that your work here feels purposeful and that you stay happy working with us.