Our Spirit

Who We Are

Together, we have created a unique culture that values ​​the contribution of each individual. Our five core values ​​are the principles that guide what we do and how we do it. Learn more about The Kindred Spirit in this short video.

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Our Values

We Are Individuals United

We're a diverse network of passionate and talented individuals who are proud to be part of Kindred. As experts in our different areas, we all add something special to the company. Our success depends on attracting and keeping the best talent who recognise the importance of being a part of a winning team.

We Dare To Challenge

We see all challenges as an opportunity to do something in a better way - for you, for the team and for our customers. We hunger for growth both personally and professionally and go above and beyond to deliver the successful products of tomorrow. Only through acting now and taking calculated risks will we stay one step ahead of the competition.

We Build On Trust

Our success is built on trust. We trust each other to deliver on our promises. We believe in empowerment and we are all trusted to make the right choices for Kindred and our customers. We behave with integrity and fairness in everything we do and becuase of this we are trusted by our customers, the regulators and the industry as a whole.

We Seek To Innovate

We foster an environment where initiative and innovation are rewarded. We combine our skill and experience with novel thinking to spot new trends and tools to improve our customers' experiences. We regard failure as a stepping stone to success. We listen, we learn and we adapt.

We Believe In Friendship

We believe in humility and have a genuine interest in our colleagues. We believe that being friendly is more than an attitude; it's a way of working. We enjoy what we do and it shows. It's infectious and builds relationships that last, and friendships that grow. Through friendship comes trust, and through trust comes loyalty - the key to our business.

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

We strive to be recognised as one of the world’s highest-ranked companies for employee engagement, with a 50:50 gender split in our senior management team. While we recognise that we are not there yet, we have clear steps to get there. We promise to do our best to ensure that your work here feels purposeful and that you stay happy working with us.