Antwerp office


The Antwerp office is in the city centre, conveniently only about 500 metres from Antwerp central station. We are around 10 people working from a light, spacious, well-equipped office and our expertise covers all forms of online marketing, including social media, affiliates, promotions and sponsoring.


As with all major cities, finding affordable, comfortable accommodation in the centre can get difficult. Most of our staff live in areas that enable them to commute to the office within an hour – Berchem, Deurne and Mechelen being favourite options.


There's a great atmosphere in the office and we like to organise plenty of fun team activities together, as well as drinks out every now and again.


Location and lifestyle in Antwerp


Beer and waffle clichés aside, Belgium’s second biggest city is buzzing with life. It’s also a hip, avant-garde city with a fierce sense of contemporary style, thanks to its fashion houses and art galleries. Yet the city hasn’t lost touch with its historic roots. You’ll walk amid some of the finest architecture in the nation – the gabled buildings that line the market square are as impressive as any in Amsterdam.


Foodies love Antwerp for its array of fantastic eateries, from simple cafes to Michelin-starred restaurants while the nightlife is energetic with partying students and workers alike. Head for the docklands for nightclubs but the bars and cafes are dotted all over town, many tucked away in the cobblestoned historic centre.


The biggest indoor shopping centre is Grand Bazar but don’t miss the atmospheric, traditional open markets selling everything from food and flowers to exotic birds and North African sweets.


Not to be forgotten are the diamonds: Antwerp is in fact the diamond capital of the world, directly and indirectly employing around 34,000 people. Around 80% of the world’s rough diamonds and half the cut diamonds are traded in Antwerp. To witness some of the action, make your way to the bustling Diamantkwartier, packed with hundreds of diamond workshops, merchants and brokers.


Antwerp office


Frankrijklei 37

2018 Antwerp


We look forward to welcoming you to Antwerp.


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Benefits for Employees in Belgium

Allowance per year to spend on your wellbeing

Private medical insurance

Travel cost reimbursement

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